Pesanan Taksi Berbasis Peta Digital


Google Maps now has a tab just for taxis

Google first introduced price estimates for Uber rides way back in 2014, and while it’s a useful option if you’re running late to a meeting, the lack of other services can be limiting.
That’s partly changing today, as the company is adding estimates for several more services: 99Taxis in Brazil, Ola Cabs in India, Hailo in the UK and Spain, Mytaxi in Germany and Spain and Gett in the UK.
You’ll need to be in one of the above locations and have the provider’s app installed in order to see the estimate.
For those who still prefer Uber, Google will now provide different price options for UberX, UberXL and UberBLACK.
The new services are rolling out to Android over the next few days, and they’ll arrive on iOS “very soon.”

Kalau ini ada di Indonesia, Ignasius Jonan mau minta ke Menkominfo blokir Google Maps dengan alasan kemungkinan penyalahgunaan data berbasis lokasi untuk kriminal & terorisme..?

Kalau Google Maps menawarkan integrasi sistem petanya dengan GPS Transjakarta, GPS Commuter, GPS MRT, sehingga masyarakat bisa tahu estimasi waktu tunggu, berangkat & tiba, Ignasius Jonan mau menolak tren ‘dunia datar’..? atau mau bikin sistem peta online sendiri..?

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